Best Coast Editorial

Let us help you say exactly what you mean.

The world is filled with bad writing. It's everywhere: all over the Internet, on business literature, signs alongside the road, maybe even in your daily newspaper. Why is it so hard to get right?

Well, we’re here to tell you that good writing is deceptively simple — and excruciatingly difficult. Great writers are great writers because they make every word count, and use the richness of our language to color their prose with subtle shades of meaning.

Still in doubt? Read one of the world’s most famous speeches, Lincoln’s second Inaugural Address. Take note that Lincoln used 701 words — no more, no less — 505 words have one syllable, and 122 have two syllables.

That’s what we do. We make every word count. But we can’t do everything, so we work with others who can. We can design world-class logos and branding packages through our partnership with Tara Keleher, a NY city art director. We can put you in touch with Jason Levangie, one of Atlantic Canada’s most talented filmmakers, if you need video work. We direct our change communication and public relations work to Colleen Gareau at Seventh Estate Public Relations.

Everyone sits before their computer weighed down by what they’re planning to do. They plan to commit an Act of Literature. Maybe you just don't want to look stupid. Maybe you feel that good writing is all about displaying her intelligence, education, and erudition for all the world to see, so you overload your prose rather than cutting to the heart of the matter. But it doesn't have to be that way.

We love writing and editing. We make every word count.

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