Editing Services

Writing is nothing so much as rewriting. If you could see the red ink covering the fifth revision of Richard's recently-completed novel, you’d know that we’re as hard on our writing as we will be on yours.

We are skilled editors with keen eyes for superfluous details and clunky sentence. We can polish your writing until it shines. As editors, we work with writers who are submitting their novels to agents and publishers and with foreign clients who need help wading through the complexities of English to say just exactly what they mean.

Other clients have included small local businesses trying to strike the right tone with their ad campaigns and product offerings and some technical writing. One long-term contract had us condensing unsatisfactory press releases into brief, informative articles for Fortune 1000 companies.

As editors, we’ll make every word count. We’ll illuminate your prose by bringing order to unorganized structure and clarity to convoluted thoughts. And we’ll do so while still respecting your work and ensuring your voice and your message remain unchanged.

Just better.

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