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Hey, how much do you know about SEO — or search engine optimization? And how well can you turn a phrase? What language will you use to portray your business to your target audience — warm, inviting expert or brisk, competent professional? 

While we’re at it, what time of day should you tweet about your product launch? Should you even bother with Facebook anymore? Do you need a static website or would a blog work better for your business? How much time can you devote to replying to questions and comments from potential clients? What kind of Instagram networking should you try?

If just reading those sentences made you hyperventilate a little, we’re just what you’ve been looking for. We’ve been making small business clients look amazing on the Internet since 2001 (that’s 170 years in Internet Time). We have a handful of tailored packages to choose from, and one of them will probably fit your needs perfectly.

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